Frequently Asked Questions

HOW and WHERE do I apply for a flat?

Signing up for our waiting list is not possible anymore. You can find our latest offers here.

How long do I have to wait for a flat (waiting time)?

The waiting time depends on your requirements on the flat, its location and the number of people applying for a similar flat. The waiting time could be more than several years for a flat in a good residential area.

When is the latest I should get in touch with the group again?

You should contact us if you still haven’t received any offers from us after a year.

When and where can I obtain a Landlord Confirmation?

After moving home, tenants have a period of two weeks to register at the responsible registration office. When registering, tenants are required to present a Landlord Confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung). Our new tenants are issued with this by the responsible member of staff at the handover of the accommodation. If an additional person moves into the accommodation, you can obtain the Landlord Confirmation at the responsible service centre, provided that permission to move into the accommodation has been granted.

Will I be charged a commission?

No. Our flats are free of commission.

What condition is the flat in when I take over it?

The flat will be in an unrenovated state when you first take over the flat, unless stipulated otherwise in the contract. Walls, ceilings and all other paintable surfaces will be made ready for painting or wallpapering. After moving into the flat and during your rental period, you can renovate the flat as you wish.    

Who will give me the key to the apartment?

The on-site building supervisor will hand over the key to the apartment. You will have to supply certain documents before the key can be handed over. Please check in advance with your customer service team which documents are required.

Do I need to take out insurance to rent a flat?

We recommend that you take out liability insurance for damages to another person’s property (such as water damages) and home contents insurance for your own property.

Who should sign up for gas and electric services?

You will need to sign up for the services yourself. Please find out more about the local service providers.

Who takes care of the name plates on the door, doorbell and letter box?

Your block and estate management is responsible for putting up the name plates.

Who cleans the staircase?

If a contractor is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the block, you will not be required to clean the staircase. Otherwise you will have to clean the staircase with the other tenants in rotation. In this case, you will be informed about when you need to clean the staircase via a schedule placed in the staircase

What do I need to do during block cleaning?

Read through the tenancy agreement and the notice located in the staircase properly. Your cleaning tasks are clearly described in the documents.

When would the company employ a contractor to clean the staircase?

As soon as the majority of the tenants want a contractor to take over the cleaning duties, please inform your customer service officer.

Do I have to clear away snow in winter?

In general, you are required to do this. If in doubt, please ask your customer service officer if a contractor has been tasked to clear snow for your block.

Who should I contact in case of emergency outside working hours?

You can find the emergency numbers on our homepage.

What should I be aware of when airing or heating the flat?

Air the entire flat regularly and heat it properly. Never let the entire flat cool down completely. You can prevent mould formation and save money by correctly airing and heating the flat. You can find more information here.    

How do I sort my rubbish properly?

Waste separation is easy. The most important information can be found in our overview.

How do I properly dispose of my bulky waste?

Please enquire with your waste collection service provider or ask your customer service officer for more information.

Please take note of the dates for the free bulky waste collection (found on the black notice board) or notify your waste collection service provider two weeks before your desired date.

Please place the bulky waste in front of the block only on the evening before the collection day.

If you are unclear about what are considered bulky waste, please ask your waste collection service provider directly.

How do I get an extra key?

If the door is fitted with a locking system, please speak to your customer service officer or building service department.

Otherwise get a locksmith to cut another set of keys for you.

Important: as a tenant, your will bear the cost of cutting any extra keys. After terminating the tenancy, please return all keys to the customer service officer.

Am I allowed to let another person stay with me in the flat?

You don’t need permission if the person stays for a short period of time (e.g. for holiday). If the person intends to stay permanently or for an extended period of time, you will need to get permission (“Zuzugsgenehmigung”) from the group.

What will happen to the tenancy when one of the flat share partners moves out?

This depends on the tenancy agreement. In any case, please speak to your customer service officer to avoid any serious problems

Who should I speak to if I have a suggestion or complaint?

If you have any question concerning

  • your flat or your living environment, please approach your block and estate management or your customer service officer.
  • technical issues, please contact your building service department

your rent, please speak to your contact person in the rental accounting department.

What should I do if I am away for an extended period of time?
  • Unplug all electronic appliances to avoid cable fire, such as your computer, television, coffee machine and toaster!
  • Shut off the main water supply to the kitchen and bathroom by closing the stopcock!
  • Protect your flat from break-ins:
    Lock your doors and windows! Do not leave the windows tilted!
    Move the shutter daily if you live in a ground floor flat!
  • Ask someone to empty your letter box!
  • As a precaution, leave an extra set of keys with your neighbours, relatives or friends!
I have lost my key. / My key has been stolen. – What should I do and who is going to pay for it?

As your landlord you must contact us immediately if you have lost your key. If your apartment and the building are equipped with a locking system, you could be faced with high costs. We recommend that you check with your insurance company if your policy covers the cost of lost keys and the cost of replacing the locking system.

How long is the notice period for ending a tenancy?

The legal notice period for ending a tenancy is 3 months before the end of the last month of tenancy.

If you want to end a tenancy, you need to submit your notice latest by the third working day of a month for that month to be considered part of the notice period.

How do I end a tenancy?

Please send a written notice by post. Everyone sharing the flat is required to leave a handwritten signature on the notice letter.

Example: You would like to end a tenancy by 31 May. In this case, we need to have received your written notice by post latest by the third working day in March.

Can someone I know take over the rental flat from me?

The person is required to apply for a flat like every other interested party, and we will consider the person like any other applicant.

Can I end a tenancy earlier if I recommend a new tenant?

Please consult your customer service officer.

What do I need to do when I move out?

For more information, please read your tenancy agreement and speak with your customer service officer. During the flat inspection, your customer service officer will inform you about the works that need to be done in the flat.

How long does it take for me get back my deposit?

As long as your leave the flat in a proper state, you will get back your deposit as soon as possible.

When exactly do I need to pay my rent? (Date)

Your rent must be transferred to our designated account latest by the third working day of a new month.

What should I do if I am unable to pay my rent in full or if I default on my rent?

Please consult the debt advice service immediately. You can find your contact person here.    

When will I receive a breakdown of the service charges?

As soon we have all information on expenses on hand, including invoices from contractors, you will receive your service charge breakdown – at the very latest 12 months after the end of the accounting period.    

Am I allowed to keep a pet?

Generally, as long as it doesn’t cause a nuisance to other tenants, you may keep small pets in your flat.

If you would like keep a larger pet at home, please inform your customer service officer. You need our permission to keep a larger pet in the flat.

The Dogs Act in Hessen (§2 Hessische HundeVO) prohibits us from giving permission for dog breeds that are considered dangerous.

Where can I find the house rules?

You can find the house rules in your tenancy agreement and on our website.

What do I have to know about quiet hours?
  • Please be considerate to your neighbours and avoid making excessive noise in general.
  • When entertaining friends, playing musical instruments and using music players of any kind, keep the volume down to a room level.
  • Please observe the quiet hours that run the entire day on every Sunday and public holiday.
  • Please also take note of the afternoon and night quiet hours from Monday to Saturday:
    Afternoon quiet hours from 13:00 to 15:00, Night quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00 
And what about child noise?

Children are our future. Take note of the quiet hours and speak to your neighbours. Listen to the different needs and look for a solution together so that you can be considerate to each other and live together harmoniously.

What is actually meant by "room level"?

Keeping volume to a room level means that the noise made can be heard inside the flat but not outside.

Am I allowed to have a barbecue on my balcony or patio?

If you would like to have a barbecue, we recommend that you use an electric barbecue grill. Open fire on your balcony is prohibited.

Am I allowed to place anything in the staircase?

No. Please do not place anything in the staircase.Shoes, shoe racks and flower pots are tripping hazards and may be dangerous in case of fire.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with a neighbour living in my block?

Try to speak to your neighbour about it first.

Contact your customer service officer if you can’t reach a solution with your neighbour. If necessary, the customer service officer can approach a “mediator” to help resolve the dispute.

What should I do if I my neighbour makes excessive noise repeatedly.

Try to speak to the person causing the nuisance first. 

If the situation doesn’t improve, report the noise problem by writing to us.

If necessary, you can also obtain a copy of the noise nuisance reporting form ("Lärmprotokoll") at your regional centre or service centre, or on our website. 

Fill out the form carefully and get other tenants to confirm the noise problem by signing the form.

Your customer service officer will assess the complaint and propose possible measures.

How should I deal with minor repair works?

For minor repair works up to € 250, engage a maintenance service from the list of maintenance contractors. You will find the list in your staircase and here on our website. The invoice will be sent directly to us.

For more major repair works, please contact your building service department.

You are liable for the costs of any damages caused by you.

What are minor repairs?

Minor repairs in the flat, such as

  •  bathroom fittings
  • water heaters
  • toilet cisterns
  • ...

Minor repair works on, in and around the building, such as

  • lighting in the staircase, basement, block entrance and outdoor area
  • doorbells
  • letter boxes
Am I allowed to lay another flooring or install permanent fixtures in my flat?

Please inform your building service department about it. You need to obtain permission before making any structural changes.

Am I allowed to install a satellite dish or parabolic aerial?
  • You may not do so without our permission.

Installing a satellite dish is unnecessary as long as

  • your block has a cable broadband connection, a communal satellite dish or a SAT-IF distribution system with television and radio programmes
  • … or if you are able to receive adequate television programmes in your native language through the internet or your cable broadband connection.
Who should I contact if there is a problem with the smoke detectors?

If there is a problem with the smoke detectors, please contact the company Minol by calling their hotline number 0711 9491-1999.

Will the smoke detectors in the flat be maintained?

Smoke detectors are required to be checked once a year. We have engaged the company Minol to conduct the checks in the building. A maintenance staff will inspect every room. The maintenance date will be communicated in due course via a notice in the staircase.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with TV reception?

Please call the Unitymedia hotline number 0221 46619012.